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The Homeschool Shed

Creating a comfortable and quiet homeschool has become a top priority for many families during Covid 19. We offer a great solution so your new homeschool space is separate from your living space. Convert a shed easily and economically into a space your kids will love. We have helped so many families with their new homeschool. Shed conversions into homeschools are easier than you think! Allow our experts to help you too!


Choose the right size. If your backyard is small, you need to select a shed that will fit and also be large enough to house your students and all their supplies. Start with a size similar to a bedroom like a 12x12 or 12x16. If you have plenty of backyard room to spare, larger sheds like 12x20 or 12x24 are a perfect fit. Want larger? We offer all the way up to 16x40 size!


Don't get stuck in a hot metal shed! The siding material is just as important as the size. Metal sheds are much hotter and harder to properly insulate to a comfortable temperature. Choose a wood-sided product for better insulation in the summer and winter months. Economical insulation products like the classic "Pink Panther" fiberglass insulation will keep costs down and temps under control. If you are looking for exceptional insulation, spray foam is the most efficient product on the market. We offer a spray foam finish in our wood-sided sheds.


We offer electric packages in our wood sheds. This convenient option includes 70 amp or 125 amp electric panel, multiple wall outlets placed where you want, recessed LED lights or standard lights, and electric service entrance to make your space school-ready. Ask about our line of electric packages to get the fit that's right for you.


We offer wall paneling in select sizes and models that will not bend or break during transport. If you ever need to transport your homeschool to a new property, you don't want it to crack because you erroneously installed drywall. There are products on the market designed specifically for the pressures of transport. Ask us how to achieve a truly portable homeschool shed.


Ugly sheds are out of style! There's no reason your new homeschool should be unsightly. Today's shed designs are pretty and practical. Choose from porch models, lofted barns, and sheds with gorgeous French doors or 9-lite window fiberglass doors. Standard is so ordinary. Get something extraordinary!


Does your Homeowners' Association have restrictions on colors? Choose any color under the rainbow to comply with HOA requirements! We can custom match any swatch.


We offer all forms of financing to fit your budget. Traditional bank financing based on credit approval through local banking partners as well as NO CREDIT CHECK options. Get the fit that's best for you!


Stocked products are delivered the same week! We don't just set it and forget it like other shed companies. Our sheds are blocked and anchored to withstand 180 mph wind load rating. Your new homeschool will never sit directly on the ground. Our solid concrete blocks offer foundational support and extra protection against moisture and termites. We deliver free within 50 miles.


We offer an UNBEATABLE warranty on our wood sheds. 50 year warranty on siding. 30 year warranty on roof. 5 year Craftsmanship warranty on the shed backed by the manufacturer. Most shed manufacturers only back 365 days. Our shed manufacturer has so much confidence in their quality, they offer 5 YEARS!

Get your homeschool set up and ready as soon as this week on stocked items. Or order to your specifications. Start the school year off right and avoid the distractions (and mess) of teaching inside the home. Kids need structure and their own space to thrive. Converting a shed is an easy and economical solution. Call 386-454-3280 today and let our experts help you!

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