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Southern Screen Room

Sleeping Porch

A true Southern tradition: Sleeping Porches. Our customer Stacey Pittman transformed her new screen room into an old fashioned sleeping porch. It is an incredible addition to her riverfront property on the Santa Fe in Fort White. It's simple, efficient, and is surrounded by the natural beauty of the outdoors. In North Central Florida, a sleeping porch can be enjoyed nearly year round.

The history of the sleeping porch can be traced to the south in the early 20th century before the invention of the air conditioner. Southerners could enjoy cool breezes and doze off to the sounds of nature. Fresh air was a cure-all solution to common diseases and the sleeping porch was the perfect fit. Goodness knows a little fresh air never hurt anyone.

Turn a basic 10x14 screen house into a stunning sleeping porch. It's easy. Build a platform for your mattress. Suspend the bed from the ceiling with rope. The screen room is constructed with steel studs, steel galvanized roof, and steel hat channels offering plenty of support and reinforcement. Add bedside tables, lamps, and a rug. The

screen house is fully equipped with electric so it's simple to hook it up from a service box It's that easy!

Why stay cooped up glued to the screens of smartphones and televisions when you can enjoy the peace and serenity of the outdoors? Take the bed outside and harness the restorative power of nature. Contact us today and get a screen house delivered. 386-454-3280.

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