Customizing Your Steel Structure

So many customers ask if their new steel structure can be customized based on their needs. Of course! The best thing about a steel building is the ability to add height, length, and width so you get exactly what you need for your space. You are not obligated to purchase the models you see on the lot. Our selection of steel products fit all shapes and sizes.


There are three roof styles available on steel structures: the rounded roof, the horizontal boxed roof, and the vertical roof.

Rounded roof features

The rounded roof is the most economical style. The roof panels are constructed horizontally. There are some limitations to the rounded roof style. The maximum length is 36ft. A major disadvantage of the rounded roof style is the horizontal paneling allows debris to sit between the grooves of the roof panels.

Horizontal boxed roof features

The horizontal boxed roof is the mid-range style. It has the appealing A-frame design at an affordable price. If you're looking to match your house roof line, this is a great option at a lower cost. However, just like the rounded roof, the paneling is horizontal. The downside is any debris will remain between the grooves of the horizontal panels. That's not a problem if you're installing in an open space without trees but it may become a maintenance issue otherwise.

Vertical roof features

The vertical roof style is the strongest of the three roof options. There are both lateral and vertically-run steel supports in the truss system of the vertical roof. The greatest advantage of this option is the panels are vertically constructed just like the roof panels on your house. Debris will fall off side to side, allowing for a lower maintenance of the roof.


When customizing your steel building, the sky is the limit to size or height. Your new steel building can be constructed clear span up to 60ft wide. The maximum side wall height is 20ft tall. And the length is only limited by your space!


Need a place to store the tractor or boat next to your garage? Adding a lean-to is the perfect solution. Keep costs down and the protection up with this economical add-on to your new steel garage. Storing all the outdoor equipment and vehicles in one structure is a great space-saver.