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The Kid Cave

Kids need outdoor play spaces to spark their imaginations. Add some joy to your backyard with a new playhouse or shed. Your children will make lifelong memories in their very own "kid cave."


Inject fun and functionality in your child's play space. Add a daybed to your shed for versatility. Include a trundle for kids' sleepovers in their own outdoor hideaway. Create whimsy with fun color combos like SW 6841 Dynamo and SW7669 Summit Gray both by Sherwin Williams. Add LED string lights, mount some shelves for toys, install a kitchen, and add a table for crafts and meals. Accessorize with fun curtains and a colorful rug to complete a space they can call their own. Email us for a full list of decor materials for a play space conversion totaling just over $300.

Your kids can be kings and queens of their very own playhouse. Check out our child-sized playhouses complete with a front porch, insulated interior, and loft space with a ladder. For long term appeal, we offer sheds that you can customize as a play space now and convert to a storage shed when the kids are grown. All our sheds and playhouses are equipped with lights, outlets, and switches. For added comfort, customize your shed with an A/C unit. The sky is the limit!

Contact us today to learn more about our sheds and playhouses. Call 386-454-3280 or email

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