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Garden Sheds

UPDATED 2/6/19: The greenhouse has been discontinued from our lineup. However, all other types of garden sheds are still available.

Spring is in full swing and summer is fast approaching. Get your garden in order with a new garden shed or greenhouse. We have fantastic and affordable options for every gardener's budget.


Enjoy fresh vegetables from your backyard all summer long with the convenience and efficiency of a greenhouse. Stop wasting money on stale, tasteless grocery produce. Pick your own cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, or onions. A dinner salad with crisp lettuce and ripe vegetables is always better than the bagged variety from the superstore. At pennies per serving, it's certainly more affordable too. We have a huge selection of buildings sizes 6x8 to 12x30 to meet any need or budget. All greenhouses are standard with galvanized steel stud frame and SolarSoft pigmented polycarbonate exterior. Each is equipped with 1 layer of 12 inch ventilated shelving on three sides, no floor, and one (1) GFCI receptacle. A greenhouse is the perfect addition for serious gardeners and thrifty foodies.

A few quick tips for successful greenhouses:

  • Pea gravel over landscape fabric for floor.

  • Install oscillating fans year-round and especially in winter to prevent cold spots and disease.

  • A shade cloth is essential in the Southern summer if your greenhouse is situated in full sun. A Southern summer will cook vegetables.

  • Keep a greenhouse journal. Track daily high and low temperatures. Record what seeds were planted, how they were planted, and how long to germinate. This will help with future plantings.

  • To prevent disease and pests, DO NOT overwinter plants that have been outside.

  • Ants love greenhouses. Treat the perimeter at the first signs of ants.

  • Prevent gnats by not overwatering. Do not use yellow sticky traps as they will also trap other insects like spiders, lady bugs, and the occasional bird.

  • Use a wireless temperature transmitter to track the highs and lows. Be sure an alarm is set to alert temperatures that are too low.

  • Use diluted fertilizer to feed seedlings. Full strength will burn the roots.

Garden Shed

Organize all your garden tools efficiently in a garden shed. Spruce it up with fun paint colors like Sherwin-Williams Tantalizing Teal (SW 6937) or Lemon Twist (SW 6909). Add potting shelves, pegboards for organizing tools, and a sink for a full-fledged gardener's haven. Our garden sheds are available in the largest variety of styles and finishes to suit any budget. You can opt for a small 8x6 or a grand 12x50 in wood, metal, hardipanel, or stucco. Sheds are available in steel or wood frames. Add windows, doors, lights and receptacles to suit your needs. Beautify your new shed with a colorful garden and outdoor furniture to sit back and enjoy the space.


Get your custom greenhouse or garden shed today. It's never been easier to own a shed. Contact us to learn about our rent-to-own options for the most affordable sheds in the industry. Call (386) 454-3280 or email

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