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Spring Organizing

It's time to do some spring cleaning. A well-organized shed or work shop is a productive and useful space. Get creative when organizing. Re-use materials like pallets and PVC pipe in new and useful ways. Maximize your wall space with pegboards and utility hooks. There are tons of affordable options to organize your shed.

People find all kinds of uses for old pallets. One of the most ingenious is as an organization system. Remove a few strategic boards from one side, flip the pallet vertically, and secure it to the wall for stability. It's a great solution for all those rakes, shovels, hoes, and other garden tools.

Pallet Garden Organizer

Another great use for pallets is shelving. Remove the bottom boards on one side and mount to the wall so that "shelving" boards run parallel to the floor. Add holes, hooks, and straps for handheld tools. Give a pallet some aesthetic appeal with paint and simply mount it to the wall for an awesomely affordable hanging system. Add utility hooks for garden tools. Easy, practical, and environmentally responsible. Best of all, it's free.

Roll up your sleeves and get super handy with pallets by dismantling entirely and creating a new cubby box. Add some caster wheels for maneuverability. House extra wood scraps, pipes, garden tools, or even sports equipment. It's super simple organization that will remain useful for years and well worth the effort to construct.

Pallet Cubby

PVC pipes are also very useful organizers. Cut 4" or 6" diameter pipes into pieces or use scrap pipe and mount to the wall. Use multiple pipe pieces and align vertically a couple feet apart. In a shed, simply mount the discs on the horizontal supports. Slide rakes, shovels and other garden tools into the "cubbies" along the wall. This is a functional solution to clear up valuable floor space in small sheds.

Speaking of valuable floor space, pegboards are major workhorses to clear the clutter. Mount a pegboard and hang virtually any hand tool, power tool, ladder, or garden tool. They are universal and cover tons of wall space for very little money. The tiny holes allow for hanging wire baskets to corral loose items and group like items. Get those cans of spray paint, paint brushes, twine rolls, and battery chargers off the floor and onto the wall using wire baskets or shelves. Pegboards are efficient, easy to mount, and endless in their possibilities.

Useful sheds are organized sheds. Clear that clutter this spring. Get the clutter out of your house and into a new shed or metal building. Contact us today for pricing because getting organized is more affordable than you think.

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