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Home Gym For Less

No room in your home for gym equipment? Tired of spending monthly fees at the gym? Sick of looking at that treadmill in your living room? Add a home gym for less in your own backyard. Sheds offer a unique and convenient way to create a personal gym space at home. Stop forking out money on gym fees and enjoy the freedom of a home gym in your new outdoor building. With our rent-to-own program, it's easy to get the new gym you want at just a few dollars a day.

Create a gym in your shed and workout at your own pace on your own time, day or night. No waiting to use equipment. No monthly fees. Home gyms offer privacy that can't be found in local gyms. Start your health journey today with a portable outdoor building or steel building. Our gambrel lofted shed has various options including roll-up doors as well as multiple entry points to accommodate a terrific gym space. Ventilate the space with a window A/C unit or enjoy a good sweat by opening an optional roll-up door for the extra calorie burn. We offer a wide variety of trim colors to suit your style. Get the look you want and get it for less.

Gambrel Loft Shed

Outfit your gym in style. Whether you want a space-saving full gym experience, or a yoga studio, there are a variety of options to suit your workout lifestyle. There are even companies that allow you to pay monthly for great equipment, making it easier and more affordable than ever. Check out the options here, here, and here. Don't forget cushy mats, oversized mirrors, inspirational wall art to motivate you, and a whiteboard to track your progress. Get in the zone with a boom box or wireless speakers to complete the total gym experience.

Steel Building Gym

Wood Shed Gym

Check out our wide variety of options in either portable sheds or steel buildings to get the home gym of your dreams. We make the buying experience easy and affordable. Ask about rent-to-own options and bank financing. Start your new health journey today! Contact us at (386) 454-3280 or

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