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Man Cave Basics

Instead of creating a man cave inside your home, consider the benefits of a secluded one in your yard where kids and wives do not abound. Sheds can add more space for less money. Escape to your backyard for privacy, game time, or beers with the boys.

The sky's the limit when creating the ultimate man space. Theme your shed based on your hobbies. Love game days? Deck your walls with TVs, sports signs, and team banners. Need a hangout for the guys? Outfit a corner with a bar and stools and stock your own mini beer fridge. Add a foosball or pool table for the ultimate bar scene right in your own backyard. It's easy to construct a man cave with one of our prefab outdoor buildings.

Wood Shed

A wood shed is the perfect choice for a space devoted to manly pursuits of channel surfing, beer drinking, dart-throwing, and game watching. It has a clean masculine aesthetic required of all man caves. Customize the roof color to fit your taste. We have a wide variety of color options. This style is available in sizes 8x6 to 12x30. Other siding options are also available in painted aluminum, pine, hardipanel, or vinyl. There is no limit to your options in creating the perfect man cave.

Bud Case

Furnish your man cave in style with cool, comfortable, and casual décor. Get the look you want. A complete bar set would look awesome in a corner of the room. Go uber-masculine with a wood bar set. Or pump up the sports bar look with a branded bar and industrial stools. Complete the pub scene with beverage signs and a stocked fridge. All are excellent additions to any man cave.

Add extra flair with wall art. offers great posters in any size, style or mounting. Get as fancy or as basic as you please. For sports fans, check out items #14923992 and #8756677. For Gator fans, the options are endless. Check out items #6236655, #7911186, and #13934196. For a good 'ole fashioned pub theme, check out items #9795581, #8989140, and #10665653. This site is a great resource for awesome wall art at any budget price point.

Man Cave Bar

Get a secluded man cave in your own backyard. Hang out with friends watching a game or just enjoy complete control over the TV away from kids. Check out our shed options and get the look you want at a price you can afford. We are ready to help make your man cave a reality! Call (386) 454-3280 for pricing.

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